How To Identify And Qualifying The Right Clients


In order to market your service as a coach or consultant, it is important that you target your marketing and sales efforts to a specific population of clients that are most likely to buy from you, this in know as your ideal client.

Identifying your market and your avatar (ideal client) helps you meet your clients’ needs. You have to find out exactly who your clients are, what they want (their desired outcome or results tehy are looking for), and what they can they afford.

Targeted marketing efforts ensure that your business is indeed catered to the right clients and it will almost guaranteed the growth of your business in a long run.

You don’t have to try to work with everybody, just work with the right clients, the ones that you fell comfortable and enjoy being around.

Targeting The Right Segment Of The Market

A market is simply any group of actual or potential buyers of a product or in your case a service.

So how do you find out which is the right market segment to target? You need to identify what segment of your market is going to benefit the most from working with you. Understand what your business has to offer to your clients. Identify your service’s features and benefits.

While features are valuable and can certainly enhance your offer, benefits motivate people to buy. When you know what will make customers buy your service, you can identify your potential market.

“Always focus on the value of the results you provide for your client, outcome first not the process of your service itself”

Determining The Qualifying Criteria

After identifying the potential segments within your target market, the next critical question is whether it would be profitable and feasible for you to pursue each identified segment that fits your business purposes.

To make this decision, here’s a list of qualifying criteria that you can take into account when you decide.


– Are they financially qualified to engage your services?


– What are the challenges (problems/ improvements) the prospect is facing now in their life or business? How critical is it for the prospect to solve these challenges? If you can solve a major problem for a client, you my friend will never run out of business; make sure you know inside out the pain, the fears and the desires of your ideal client.

Desired Outcomes

– What is the client’s desired outcomes? What would they like to achieve in a specific time frame? What’s their goals? Is the expectation of the prospect realistic? Would you able to help them achieve their goals in a specific time frame that prospect wanted?

“When you speak to their emotions and are able to describe their situation, their pain better that they can, you will be i a great position as you will be flipping the script from being a pushy sales man to a solution provider”


– What kind of ‘dream’ clients that you are looking for? What’s your expectation toward your ‘dream’ clients?

Commitment & Determination

– What kind of commitment is required from the prospect? Do they have a burning desire to achieve their goals? Are they determined to follow through your coaching / consulting advice or program?


– What are the possible distractions that your prospect is facing in his/her life that may distract the focus from achieving results?

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