Get To Know Our LEAF System


Ok, First things first! WTH? Why did I call it “The LEAF system?”

You see my dear friend this post is a little different from what you are used to and it is more of an introduction to who I am and the very reason why you are here right now on my website reading this post.

So, the LEAF system . . . well, I’ll get to that in just a second but for now let’s get some things out of the way.

You see, now a days this whole consulting industry is booming, and if you start following the big names on this game, it may even seem like it is overcrowded; by now you may have seen guru after guru claiming to help you make thousands of dollars online.

Every new list you subscribe, every Facebook group you join deflates your ego a little bit but at the same time give you that guilty “pleassure” and sense of hope that this time things may actually “be possible for you and your business”.

The truth is that having a profitable coaching or consulting business doesn’t have to be hard and quite frankly you don’t need to be rocket scientist, the process is simple and today I’m gonna let you in a little secret; Most programs we see out there will teach you and use the same principles to get clients whenever you need them (They talk about a process that leverages FB Ads + a funnel to filter clients into your business).

Now, don’t get me wrong there are amazing coaches out there and they have this system dialed in perfectly and down to an exact science; the only problem (for folks like you and I) is that they have gotten so good at this game that doing client work or rather “Done For You” services is not really of interest to them for one simple reason, one you will understand once you start making a couple figures per months … that is, in order to scale your business to 6 and seven figures per month you my friend need to leverage the way you deliver your program as a coach or consultant.

“How so you may ask? Well, leveraging your program and how you deliver it is a topic for another day so let’s move on.”

The above is completely understandable and valid which is why you have folks like me, that care more about results from each and every customer that I work with and where the focus in on 100% client satisfaction and achieving tangible results; that is, working none stop until each clients finally reaches that 10K, 20K or 50K+ ; This is the reason why I decided to create this program and thus, High Profit Funnels was born.

Our LEAF SYSTEM stands for “Lead Acceleration Funnel” and it is modeled after the most successful systems and processes consultants use today to acquire new “High Profit clients” (or high ticket as everybody else is calling them) with consistency, dependability and scalability.

Here at high profit funnels we care about 2 things: customers and results which is why if you want to leverage a system that will get you results once and for all, feel free to schedule a call with us to see how you can finally have a breakthrough in your business.

Moving on,

the Lead Acceleration Funnel is only part of the equation,


High Profit Funnel LEAF System

The beauty of this system if that we get to flip the scrip and go from being a pushy sales person trying to promote our product to being a solution provider.

Now, let me be honest here, many “clever” fellows try to copy this system and end up failing miserably and the reason is simple , they don’t understand that the system works but there many components that make this work and you need to nail them down perfectly.

Let me give you an example, have you ever pop open your car’s hood ? Have you seen what’s inside? I’ll tell you, a radiator, starter motor, distributor, airfilter, oil filter, wiper motor, alternator, cam belt, camshaft, pistons, piston rings, cylinder head & gaskets, carburetor, fuel injection system, the motor , phew!!! and a bunch more but I think you got the idea.

My  point is, you may see the inside but can you put the whole thing together and make it work? I’m sure most of you can’t which is why we rather pay full price to buy a car! or get a mechanic ….

That being said let me pop the hood on my system (you see what I did there ? … lol ) and tell you exactly how it works, here it is . . .


Let’s talk about the second part of the equation,

The main reason that hinder the growth of most coaches or consultants’ businesses is the fact that they do not have a clear offer in place; think about it, how can you attract the right type of clients if your message is not clear? Well, is not going to happen!

So, having a clear message is vital if you are to succeed in your business. Feel free to read more on that HERE .

Now, the third part of this process is simple yet hard for many, guess what it is?

Can’t really think of anything?

Ok  ok I’ll give it to you ….

Selling, ha!

I know how you feel about this, who wants to be seen as one of those annoying sales men at the car dealership??? After all, you know your service changes lives, it is among the best out there, so why can others just see that?

Well, remember our LEAF?  This is exactly one of the reasons this system is so amazing.

The truth is that our system gets you customers on demand and lining up to work with you but at the end of the day you still have to talk to your prospects and sale your service.

And for this you need a very precise SALES PROCESS , one that guarantees you can convert those leads and prospects into clients.

This is where we truly shine, not only we built your entire system for you, but also we have one of the best sales training in the market which, when followed correctly, will help close on most clients that come through your funnel.

Imagine 5, 10, 20 new high profit clients paying you what you are worth and truly deserve?

Well, it is very possible and the truth is that you are just one funnel away . . .

So are you motivated enough? enough to finally step up your game, get out of your comfort zone and play a bigger game? They one you keep dreaming about?

Anything worth having comes by hard work and hustling your way to success, don’t be that person regretting goes through life without living to your full potential.

I know how cliche this sounds but “I would rather live a life of ‘Oh Wells’ than a life of ‘What ifs’.”

If you are ready to talk to us or just get your hands on some amazing training all FREE of cost to you read the next couple of lines!

That’s it for now, make sure you grab a copy of our FREE guide “6 steps to a 6 figure consulting business” or watch this training to finally see what you are missing in our business and what to do to save it from failing.

Talk to you soon!

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