Get To Know Our LEAF System


Ok, First things first! WTH? Why did I call it “The LEAF system?” You see my dear friend this post is a little different from what you are used to and it is more of an introduction to who I am and the very reason why you are here right now on my website reading this post. So, the LEAF system … Read More

Are You Secretly Afraid of Success?


Two things are needed to succeed in this market, a laser focused plan and a whole lot of drive, two things that you currently lack! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to upset you but just give you some tough love and put you on the spot because you have been wayyy too long on the sideline and … Read More

What It Really Takes to Close High Profit Clients


How many of you ever think like this “It is impossible for me to close high paying clients.”, “I am an introvert person. I am too shy or not comfortable to talk to those high paying clients that I need to deal with and sale to.”; “Selling is not my strength. I am not good enough in selling and I will … Read More

How To Identify And Qualifying The Right Clients


In order to market your service as a coach or consultant, it is important that you target your marketing and sales efforts to a specific population of clients that are most likely to buy from you, this in know as your ideal client. Identifying your market and your avatar (ideal client) helps you meet your clients’ needs. You have to … Read More

Planning Your Battle Map


Develop A Business Blueprint First of all, you need to state your goal clearly. Write what you want for the goal as well as how you want it. I believe that goals work best if you add an emotional component or inner intention for them. So you want to do X (hire an assistant, write that post, edit that video) … Read More