Are You Secretly Afraid of Success?


Two things are needed to succeed in this market, a laser focused plan and a whole lot of drive, two things that you currently lack! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to upset you but just give you some tough love and put you on the spot because you have been wayyy too long on the sideline and it is time to step up your game and take action on the stuff that will actually produce results, isn’t time for you to finally be the one on the spot light?

Teaching others and doing that humble bragging you secretly want?

I say all these things because this was me for months, I used to get a deep sense of satisfaction and reward just thinking about the amazing life I would have once I finally achieved all the success I knew I could get; I mean, let’s be honest, you are smart, you understand marketing, you get awesome results for your clients, Heck, even your grandmother says it that all the time! Ha ha …

I get it trust me, I get how easy it is to endlessly dream about success and while we take some action we never get to fully complete our projects and finish what we started . . . maybe because of fear of failing or maybe because we are actually afraid to succeed . . . hu? What? Didn’t really think of that right?

“Well apparently, that’s a thing! People fear success as much as they fear failure”

Listen, if what you are running from is success, there are some deep issues you must tackle and need to resolved if you are ever going to reach your goals; but don’t worry because there is an easy fix to this and that is getting small wins in your business.

Learn to celebrate all your victories no matter or big or small they are,

got a new lead? awesome!

You actually took the time to make a useful comment on Facebook? Great!

Woke up earlier to work on your business? Incredible!

You see, subconsciously our mind registers everything we think of and believe it or not it cannot distinguish whether out thoughts actually happen in real life or not. So, before you make another statement like, Business is though, it is so hard to get clients, my offer is not good enough and all that BS, think twice and try to always come up with positive versions of the same situation.

Now listen, I know this sounds a little out there and very Tony Robins like but believe me when I say this, mindset is the one thing that will either make or break any chance to success you may have so next time you think this personal development and mindset stuff is just a waste of time, think twice because you never outgrow these stuffs.

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, the Director of DARPA, Dr. Regina Dugan, stated the following “you can’t lose your nerve for the big failure, because the nerve you need for the big success is the exact same nerve.”

So be wary of your thoughts because they will lead your actions and your actions will either move your business forward or put a complete stop to it.

Part of our training and the reason we have gotten such great results is because we understand how important it is to work on our mindset and shift gears on our belief system to achieve our desired goals, you can apply to talk to us now and see how our program can help you; we are offering a free 30 minute business breakthrough call to help go getters like yourself get clarity on how to move your business to that next level; If you are tired of being the spectator talk to us and let’s make things happen for you.



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